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This page will contain support for known issues with operating systems, registry settings and/or browsers.

.NET Framework 4.0

The current version of WebPipeLab utilizes .NET Framework 4.0 - if this is not installed on your computer, you can find the installation files at the MSDN site, or ask your system administrator.

Browser support

Microsoft Edge is the default platform for WebPipeLab, but Internet Explorer is fully supported as well. Once you have installed .NET framework 4.0, WebPipeLab should work in Firefox or Google Chrome, but you'll need an extension to start the application.

Windows SmartScreen

When starting WebPipeLab (for the first time), Windows can show a popup indicating that Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an app from starting.
At that point you need to click on the 'More info' link in order to be able to start WebPipeLab. Please verify that the name of the publisher is Qirion B.V. and click 'Run anyway' to start WebPipeLab.

Clipboard support

There are some known issues concerning copying a network from and to the clipboard; please be patient while we resolve this.